Professional event healthcare supporting charities worldwide

Best possible medical care at UK events and support for health-related charities making a difference around the world

Our charity is staffed by volunteers, many of whom are doctors, nurses and other clinicians who work in the National Health Service. They bring to their involvement with FMS the same high professional standards they follow in their day to day employment.

FMS started in 1979 with volunteers providing medical care at the Glastonbury Festival to ensure the safety of festival-goers.

We have developed into an exemplar organisation that is engaged to cover an increasing number of events. In 2020 we were awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. By our 40th anniversary, we had donated more than £1million in grants which have benefited many thousands of disadvantaged people and already we are well on our way to the next million.

We deliver targeted donations to charities which champion medical causes and bring meaningful improvements to the lives of ordinary people around the world.

At the start of the new century we developed our ability to examine each project and charity to promote capacity building and effective use of appropriate resources. We have donated approximately £1m.  In addition we have teamed up with World Extreme Medicine (WEM) to provide Trauma Boxes and Individual First Aid Kits (IFAKS) to Ukraine. FMS has contributed £30,000 with £137,000 of external donations for the Ukraine project. Together with other doners more than £2m worth of supplies and medical equipment has been delivered to Ukraine to benefit civilian and combatant patients.

In 2020 we were awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary


The following video showcases our history and explains some of our charity projects:

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Our Latest Fundraiser

Annie’s Assisted Ascent – AAA
Glastonbury Tor – 4th May

Annie Maw, Patron of Festival Medical Services has now ascended to the summit of Glastonbury Tor. No easy task when she had to do it in a wheelchair.

Sponsorship Money going to two Disability charities


Here are some of the other charities that we have recently supported for the many others see here

A Charity providing protection, education and healthcare to underprivileged children living in Kolkata, India

A Charity supporting St Peter's Schools and Community in Kajuki, Kenya. A remote, rural and desperately poor community.
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Humanity & Inclusion aids disabled and vulnerable in 60 countries affected by poverty, conflict, disaster, aiming for inclusive, dignified living.
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A social enterprise, providing tailored wheelchairs to disabled individuals globally for over 30 years, ensuring access to essential Assistive Technology.

Joliba Trust supports farming communities in Mali's, focusing on women's initiatives and environmental sustainability for rural livelihoods.

Rowans Hospice provide palliative and end of life care to the highest quality for those living with a life-limiting illness in the Southeast of Hampshire

Friends of Mandritsara Trust a charity which runs a nursing school and seeks to teach and train qualified nurses.

A charitable initiative in Zanzibar aims to relieve sickness and maintain health by providing equipment, facilities, and health services to residents.

Also see here how donations made through FMS make a real difference.